Figure 2: Hypomethylation of the ETS transcription factor binding sites in the promoter of PARP1 in EAC tissues. (a) Location of PARP1 core promoter CpG sites. Genomic coordinates are shown, along with the primer-amplified fragments, GC percentage, location of individual CpG dinucleotides (dashes), CpG island (green bar), and the PARP1 RefSeq gene (exon 1 shown as a blue box and intron shown as an arrowed line). The arrow indicates the transcriptional direction. (b) Changes in methylation patterns in the core promoter region of PARP1. The circles correspond to CpG sites denoted by the black dashes in (a). Closed circles, methylation; open circles, unmethylation. Ten individual clones were sequenced for each sample. (c) Summary of the methylated sites in a CpG within the ETS motif in NE and EAC tissues. Bar graphs show mean ± SE. versus NE. (d) Correlation between the relative PARP1 mRNA levels and the number of methylated sites in a CpG within the ETS motif for each sample. Open circles, NE; closed circles, EAC; NE, normal endometrium; EAC, endometrial adenocarcinoma.