Figure 3: RT-PCR (a) for mRNAs of tight junction molecules in human nasal mucosa in vivo and two types of human nasal epithelial cells in vitro (primary and hTERT-HNECs). M, 100-bp ladder DNA marker; Oc, occludin; CL, claudin. SEM image (b) and immunostaining for Ck20 (c), Ck20, and occludin (d) in human adenoidal epithelium in vivo. Immunostaining for occludin and HLA-DR (e), occludin and CD11c (f), and claudin-1 and HLA-DR ( ) in human nasal epithelium in vivo. M: M-like cell. Scale bars: μm, μm, (c) and μm, and (e)–(g) = 10 μm.