Figure 3: Tau expression in MTLE specimens with and without psychiatric comorbidities and in nonepileptic controls. MTLE (a) and MTLE + D (b) exhibited increased tau expression in granular layer when compared to MTLE + P (c) and control group (d). Immunostaining was enriched in cell bodies, molecular layer, and surrounding neuropil. We found that tau immunoreactive area values (e) increased in most subfields of epileptic patients when compared to controls (double asterisk: , single asterisk: ). A statistical trend (tr: ) to increased tau expression in the hilus, CA4, and entorhinal cortex can also be seen. Regions with differences among epileptic groups were the granular layer and prosubiculum, where MTLE + P patients presented with decreased tau expression (hash sign, ). Values from MTLE (black bars), MTLE + D (gray bars), MTLE + P (light gray bars), and from nonepileptic controls (white bars) are indicated as mean ± std. deviation. Bar (a–d): 50 μm.