Table 2: Mean rCBV values according to histological grading. Relative Cerebral Blood Volume (rCBV) was measured with the ROI-based approach in three distinct areas: the high perfusion area on CBV map (“CBV map” in the table), the contrast-enhanced area (“CE” in the table), and the nonenhancing tumor (“Non-CE” in the table). Only rCBV values measured in the high perfusion area in CBV map showed significant difference between grade III and grade IV gliomas.

WHO glioma graderCBV; mean (SD)
CBV map CE Non-CE

Glioma grade III3.78 (1.70)0.0363.01 (1.02)0.272.20 (1.73)0.71
Glioma grade IV7.51 (3.84)5.58 (5.48)2.68 (2.93)