Table 3: Spearman’s correlation between cardiac troponin T (cTnT) concentrations and echocardiographic parameters.

Variables Variables

LVEDVi0.100.44IVCe (cm)0.2090.07

Systolic functionDiastolic function
LVEF (%)−0.230.04*Average E/ 0.050.66
GLS (%)0.44<0.001* (cm/s)−0.140.20
LSRs (sec−1)0.280.01* (m/s)−0.080.46
CS (%)0.230.049* (m/s)−0.090.44
CSRs (sec−1)0.280.02* / −0.010.95

Abbreviations: CS: average circumferential strain; CSRs: circumferential systolic strain rate; cTnT: cardiac troponin T; EDVi: end-diastolic volume index; EF: ejection fraction; / : early transmitral velocity to tissue Doppler mitral annular early diastolic velocity ratio; GLS: global left ventricular peak systolic longitudinal strain; IVCe: end-expiratory inferior vena cava diameter; LAVi: left atrial volume index; LSRs: longitudinal systolic strain rate; LV: left ventricular; LVMi: left ventricular mass index; SRs: systolic strain rate; : left ventricular systolic myocardial velocity.