BioMed Research International / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

A New Surgical Technique of Pancreaticoduodenectomy with Splenic Artery Resection for Ductal Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreatic Head and/or Body Invading Splenic Artery: Impact of the Balance between Surgical Radicality and QOL to Avoid Total Pancreatectomy

Table 1

Comparison of preoperative characteristics between PD and PD-SAR.

VariablePD ( )PD-SAR ( ) value

 Male 4360.029
Age (years) 0.718
Tumor size before treatment (mm) 0.030
UICC-T340 (61.7%)6 (33.3%)0.060
UICC-T426 (39.3%)12 (66.7%)
Resectability 0.124
Cancer involvement of major vessels
 SMV/PV59 (89.4%)16 (88.9%)0.713
 SMA20 (30.3%)5 (27.8%)0.934
 HA8 (12.1%)8 (44.4%)0.006
 CeA6 (9.0%)6 (33.3%)0.026
 SA0 (0%)18 (100%)<0.001
 Ao/IVC2 (3.0%)1 (5.6%)0.838
Treatment before surgery
 G-CRT35 (53.0%)11 (61.1%)0.917
 GS-CRT24 (36.4%)5 (27.8%)
CA19-9 levels (U/mL)
 Before preoperative treatment 0.878
 After preoperative treatment 0.216

UICC: International Union for Cancer Control; R: resectable; BR: borderline resectable; UR: unresectable; SMV: superior mesenteric vein; PV: portal vein; SMA: superior mesenteric artery; HA: hepatic artery; CeA: celiac artery; SA: splenic artery; Ao: aorta; IVC: inferior vena cava; G-CRT: gemcitabine-based chemoradiotherapy; GS-CRT: gemcitabine plus S1-based chemoradiotherapy; CTA: chemotherapy alone; Non: no treatment before surgery.