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Implications of Heterogeneity in Multiple Myeloma

Table 6

Subtypes of MPC and their phenotypes described in the key publications.

StudyMPC subpopulation and phenotype

Rasmussen 2000 [74]Early B cell
CD38+, CD19+
More differentiated B cell
CD38−, CD19+
Boucher et al. 2012 [75]LCR B-cells
More Differentiated B cells
Plasma cells    
Chaidos et al. 2013 [76]Memory B cells
CD 19+, CD 138−, CD 38−
CD 19+, CD 138−, CD38+
Preplasma cells
CD 19−, CD 138−, CD38+, CD56+
Plasma cells
CD 19−, 138dim or +, CD 56+, CD38
Leung-Hagesteijn et al. 2013 [77]B cell
CD20+, CD38−, CD138−
Activated B-cell
CD20low, CD38−, CD138−
CD20−, CD38−, CD138−
CD20−, CD38+, CD138+/−
Plasma cell
CD20−, CD38+, CD138+

LCR = Light chain restricted.