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Implications of Heterogeneity in Multiple Myeloma

Table 7

Summary of differential gene expression between CD 138− and CD 138+ subsets. The list of genes is not exhaustive but includes selected genes of importance described in the studies.

StudyGene Differential expressionFunction

Reghunathan et al. 2013 [73]PRC2 related
(EZH2, EED, SUZ12)
PRC1 related
Upregulated in CD 138− subset.Via histone methylation, reduces the expression of p21 and other CDK inhibitors, driving proliferation.
BMP 2, BMP3, BMP4Upregulated in CD 138+ subsetPromote differentiation of plasmablasts to mature plasma cells.

Yang et al. 2013 [78]RARα2Upregulated in CD 138− subset.Increased ALDH expression, increased activity of WNT and Hedgehog pathway signaling as well as Cyclin D1.
Oct 4, SOX 2, Nanog, Lin 28AUpregulated in CD 138− subsetGenes expressed in pluripotent stem cells.