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Effects of Crude Extracts from Medicinal Herbs Rhazya stricta and Zingiber officinale on Growth and Proliferation of Human Brain Cancer Cell Line In Vitro

Figure 2

CAERS and CFEZO treatments induced apoptotic cell death. (a) Flow cytometric analyses of apoptosis and necrosis using Annexin V-FITC/PI staining. Panels I, II, III, and IV represent cells treated with vehicle, CAERS (100 μg/mL), CFEZO (100 μg/mL), and combined treatment of CAERS (20 μg/mL) and CFEZO (20 μg/mL), respectively. Cells in left lower quadrants represent viable population (annexin V-negative and PI-negative); cells in right lower quadrants represent early apoptotic population (annexin V-positive, PI-negative); cells in right top quadrants represent late apoptotic population (annexin V-positive and PI-positive) and cells in left top quadrants represent necrotic population (annexin V-negative and PI-positive). (b) Microphotographs showing CAERS and CFEZO treatments induced morphological features of apoptosis in U251 cells. The cells were treated with the indicated concentrations of CAERS and/or CFEZO for 48 h. Then, the photographs were taken directly from culture plates using a phase contrast microscope. Magnification of micrographs was as follows: I: 20x; II: 40x; and III: 63x. (c) Toluidine blue-stained semithin sections. The cells were treated and stained with toluidine blue, as detailed in Section 2. Depicted results are representative for independent experiments with almost identical observations.