Figure 4: Effect of vitamin E supplementation on fetal growth restriction induced by maternal hypercholesterolemia in HC-fed LDLR KO mice. (a) Gauss normal curves for E18.5 fetal weights in females fed with chow (black, fetuses, ), HC (red, fetuses, ), or HC/VitE (blue, fetuses, ) diets. The black continuous line represents the 10th percentile of WT fetal weight (865 mg); dashed lines indicate the mean weight for each group. The difference between weights from the HC- and chow-fed groups and HC- and HC/VitE-fed groups is represented by red and blue arrows, respectively. (b) Percentage of growth restricted fetuses showing an increase in fetuses over the 10th precentile in the HC/VitE group (32%) compared to the HC group (10%). (c) Left panel: high plasma cholesterol in HC-fed females was partially reduced by vitamin E supplementation (different lettering indicates significance at , one-way ANOVA, females). Right panel: fetal plasma cholesterol was similar in females receiving chow, HC, or HC/VitE diets ( pools from 2 fetuses).