Research Article

tasiRNA-ARF Pathway Moderates Floral Architecture in Arabidopsis Plants Subjected to Drought Stress

Figure 3

Modification of flower architecture and reduction in seed number in the ta-siRNA biosynthesis mutant, rdr6, under drought stress. (a) Two-week-old rdr6 and wild-type plants were subjected to drought stress treatment for one week and then rewatered. Seed number in the 1st through the 5th siliques was counted (). Siliques were numbered starting at the basal end of the main shoot. (b) Siliques in plants subjected to drought stress followed by rewatering. (c) Floral architecture in drought-stress and nonstressed wild-type, rdr6, ARF3pro:ARF3, and ARF3pro:ARF3mut plants. Flowers in rdr6 and ARF3pro:ARF3 plants have a slightly exerting stigma phenotype under nonstressed conditions. In contrast, flowers in rdr6 and ARF3pro:ARF3mut plants under drought stress exhibit short stamens, as shown as white arrows. (d) Average length of the stigmas and stamens in drought-stressed and nonstressed WT, rdr6, ARF3pro:ARF3, and ARF3pro:ARF3mut plants.