Figure 5: Interaction between deregulated ncRNA-mRNA in HepG2 cells. Each ellipse indicates up- (purple) or downregulated (light green) miRNA. Each square indicates up- (red) or downregulated (green) mRNA (stably expressed mRNAs are in white), and each tilted rectangle indicates downregulated lncRNAs (pale green). These miRNAs are shown in Table 1. A regulatory network was constructed using experimentally validated target mRNAs (each mRNA is regulated by at least 2 deregulated miRNAs). Stably expressed mRNAs are shown in white squares (BCL2, MMP13, and PTPN12). mRNAs not detected in HepG2 and L02 cells are also shown in white squares (DICER1, EP300, and MYC).