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EZH2 Silencing with RNA Interference Induces G2/M Arrest in Human Lung Cancer Cells In Vitro

Figure 1

Influence of EZH2-siRNA on the cell cycle. (a) EZH2 protein expression was analyzed with western blotting after transfection with EZH2-siRNA for 48 or 72 h. (b) The transfection efficiency of EZH2-siRNA was observed after 48 or 72 h. (c) The changes in the cell cycle were observed with FACS analysis after transfection with EZH2-siRNA for 72 h. (d) The effect of EZH2-siRNA after synchronizing the cell cycles at G2/M phase using nocodazole. (e) After treatment with EZH2-siRNA, the expression of cell-cycle-related proteins, including Cdc2 and cyclin B1, was detected using western blotting. Each experiment was performed in triplicate.