Figure 2: Results from unbiased cell counting are shown. In undifferentiated cells an amount of 38.74% (±0.62) nestin-positive cells (a) was found. During differentiation a significant decrease in the amount of positive cells could be observed. After 14 days 11.46% (±0.53) and after 28 days 15.09% (±3.72) of all cells were nestin-positive. GFAP (b) could not be detected in undifferentiated cells. After 14 days of differentiation 18.72% (±2.54) of all cells were GFAP-immunoreactive. The amount of GFAP-immunoreactive cells did not change significantly after 28 days of differentiation up to 19.66% (±2.04). Undifferentiated cells did not contain NeuN (c). After 14 days of differentiation 27.56% (±3.31) were NeuN-positive and a significant increase up to 64.06% (±2.74) could be observed after 28 days of differentiation. TH (d) could not be found in undifferentiated cells, but a significant increase in the amount of TH-immunoreactive cells from 12.07% (±1.71) after 14 days up to 55.69% (±2.92) after 28 days of differentiation could be observed. Error bars show SEM. *Significant difference from the respective time point; . For statistical analysis Chi-Quadrat test and Fisher’s exact test were applied.