BioMed Research International / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Clinical Study

Tattoo-Associated Skin Reaction: The Importance of an Early Diagnosis and Proper Treatment

Table 2

(a) The 25 haptens of the Italian SIDAPA series with their own concentrations and (b) the other seven metal haptens with their concentrations and different dyes in which they are contained.

Thiuram mix1% pet.
Potassium dichromate0.5% pet.
Balsam Peru25% pet.
Phenylisopropyl-p-phenylenediamine 0.1% pet.
Kathon CG0.01% aqua
p-Phenylenediamine1% pet.
Lanolin alcohol30% pet.
Colophony20% pet.
Neomycin sulfate20% pet.
Cobalt chloride1% pet.
Epoxy resin1% pet.
Formaldehyde 1% aqua
Mercaptobenzothiazole2% pet.
p-ter-Butylphenol-formaldehyde resin1% pet.
Nickel sulphate5% pet.
Disperse yellow 31% pet.
Fragrance mix + sorbitan sesquioleate8% pet.
Paraben mix16% pet.
Disperse blue 1241% pet.
Benzocaine5% pet.
Dibromodicyanobutane0.3% pet.
Corticosteroid mix2.01% pet.
Lyral5% pet.
Mercapto mix2% pet.
Desoximetasone1% pet.


Cadmium chloride 1% pet. Yellow
Chromium oxide2% aquaGreen
Mercury metal0.5% pet.Red
Copper sulfate1% aquaBlue
Ferric oxide2% pet.Black
Aluminium chloride2% pet.Purple
Zinc metal1% pet.White