Research Article

Lentiviral Protein Transduction with Genome-Modifying HIV-1 Integrase-I-PpoI Fusion Proteins: Studies on Specificity and Cytotoxicity

Figure 6

Tumour and blood sample analysis. The amount of proliferating cells per area is shown in (a) (mean ± SD) and examples of stained tumour histological samples in (d). GFP expression (mean ± SD) in dissociated tumour cells is presented in (b) as measured by flow cytometry analysis of dissociated tumour cells or the cultured cell control. The results (mean ± SD) of blood sample analysis from the samples drawn at the end of the in vivo experiment are shown in (c) LVV INwt, ; LVV IN-I-PpoI, ; and LVV INwt TK, ). No statistical differences were found between groups in (b) or (c). CRP: C-reactive protein, CREA: creatinine, ASAT: aspartate aminotransferase, and AFOS: alkaline phosphatase. Statistical analysis: one-way ANOVA in (a) and (b) and two-way ANOVA in (c) combined with Bonferroni’s ((a) and (c)) and Tukey’s (b) multiple comparisons tests. ; to ; to .