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Review Article

Platelet-Rich Plasma in Bone Regeneration: Engineering the Delivery for Improved Clinical Efficacy

Table 4

Summary of studies that used PRP via incorporating into nanofiber matrices.

AuthorsStudyPlatelet concentrationResults

Berner et al. (2012) [121]Allogenic PRP + BMP-7 + CaP coated electrospun PCLUnknownSignificantly increased bone volume and biomechanical properties
Sell et al. (2011) [122]PRGF scaffold characteristics and effects on human macrophages and ADSCs955 × 103/ L (quantified elsewhere)Increased macrophage chemotaxis, increased proliferation, and infiltration of ADSCs. Sustained protein release discovered
Wolfe et al. (2011) [115]PRGF scaffold characteristics and effects on human ADSCs and hSMCs955 × 103/ L (quantified elsewhere)Cell integration into the scaffold after 3 days
Yoshimi et al. (2009) [119]Self-assembling peptide “PuraMatrix” nanofiber scaffolds + PRP + dMSCsUnknownPRP alone did not promote bone regeneration, but it was facilitated with addition to dMSCs + PM
Kohgo et al. (2011) [120]Osseointegration of dental implants with PM + PRP + dMSCsUnknownPM + dMSCs + PRP showed significant osseointegration over other groups