Figure 3: The effect of AMPK activation on NT-PGC-1α-a, NT-PGC-1α-b, and NT-PGC-1α-c and PGC-1α-a, PGC-1α-b, and PGC-1α-c mRNA expression in mouse skeletal muscle. (a) Induction of NT-PGC-1α-a, NT-PGC-1α-b, and NT-PGC-1α-c mRNA and total NT-PGC-1α mRNA in skeletal muscle (gastrocnemius) of C57BL/6J mice by the subcutaneous injection of AMPK agonist AICAR at a dose of 250 mg/kg bw. (b) Induction of PGC-1α-a, PGC-1α-b, and PGC-1α-c mRNA and total PGC-1α mRNA in the same tissue and conditions above. Control mice were injected by saline. Gastrocnemius were separated 3 h after injection. Relative gene expression was quantified by real-time PCR and relative to amount of each cDNA, compared to control mice. Values are means ± S.E. ( ). versus ctrl. Data are representative of three experiments.