Table 3: Various novel carriers employed till date for the topical delivery of aceclofenac.

S. NumberCarrier system Advantages/results obtained

1.Liposome-mediated delivery [87]Sustained anti-inflammatory activity
2.Ethosomes-mediated delivery [6972]Enhancement in Skin Permeation, Improvement in Anti-Inflammatory Efficacy
3.Microemulsion and nanoemulsion-mediated delivery [7477]Biocompatible, enhanced skin permeability, andefficacy
4.Niosome-based delivery [81, 82, 87]Enhanced permeability, efficacy, and stability vis-à-vis liposomes
5.Organogel-based delivery [83, 84, 86]Superior efficacy andstability, nonirritant
6.Liposphere-based delivery [87]Enhanced stability, permeability, drug entrapment, andefficacy
7.Nanostructured lipid carriers- (NLC-) based delivery [86]Fast onset of action, sustained duration of action, nonirritant vis-à-vis the marketed products
8.Solid lipid nanoparticles-mediated delivery [89]Sustained drug release, better rheology