BioMed Research International / 2014 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

A Preliminary Study of the Influence of Age of Onset and Childhood Trauma on Cortical Thickness in Major Depressive Disorder

Table 3

Cortical thickness hemispheric differences.

Region (cortical thickness)Hemisphere effect value

Caudal middle frontal cortexL > R.003
Entorhinal cortexL > R.001
Fusiform cortexL > R<.001
Inferior parietal cortexL > R.005
Inferior temporal cortexL > R<.001
Isthmus cingulate cortexL > R<.001
Lingual cortexR > L.005
Pars orbitalis cortexR > L<.001
Pericalcarine cortexL > R.006
Precentral cortexL > R.003
Precuneus cortexR > L.001
Rostral anterior cingulate cortexR > L<.001
Rostral middle frontal cortexR > L<.001
Superior frontal cortexL > R<.001
Superior parietal cortexR > L.001
Superior temporal cortexL > R<.001

L: left hemisphere; R: right hemisphere.