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Effects of Anti-TNF Alpha Drugs on Disability in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Long-Term Real-Life Data from the Lorhen Registry

Table 4

Univariate and multivariate analyses of baseline characteristics predicting complete disability recovery (HAQ < 0.5).

HAQ < 0.5 (1st year)Univariate analysisHAQ < 0.5 (1st year)Multivariate analysis
OR (95% CI) OR (95% CI)

Age ( 65 versus <65 years)[0.974 (0.962–0.985)]<0.0001Age ( 65 versus <65 years)[0.978 (0.965–0.99)]0.0004
Gender (F versus M)[0.354 (0.248–0.505)]<0.0001Gender (F versus M)[0.417 (0.282–0.617)]<0.0001
Disease duration (years)[1.004 (0.985–1.023)]nsDisease duration[0.998 (0.976–1.02)]ns
DAS28 (high versus moderate versus low)[0.622 (0.542–0.713)]<0.0001DAS28 (high versus moderate versus low)[0.724 (0.626–0.837)]<0.0001
DMARDs (no versus yes)[1.248 (0.724–2.151)]nsDMARDs (no versus yes)[0.85 (0.453–1.596)]ns
Steroids (no versus yes)[2.109 (1.445–3.078)]0.0001Steroids (no versus yes)[1.775 (1.153–2.734)]ns
Adalimumab versus infliximab[1.495 (1.045–2.138)]nsAdalimumab versus infliximab[1.547 (1.041–2.297)]0.0307
Etanercept versus infliximab[1.048 (0.69–1.59)]nsEtanercept versus infliximab[0.871 (0.538–1.41)]ns

HAQ < 0.5 (5th year)Univariate analysisHAQ < 0.5 (5th year) Univariate analysis
OR (95% CI) OR (95% CI)

Age ( 65 versus <65 years)[0.978 (0.964–0.991)]0.0014Age ( 65 versus <65 years)[0.982 (0.967–0.996)]0.0142
Gender (F versus M)[0.474 (0.31–0.726)]0.0006Gender (F versus M)[0.571 (0.362–0.901)]0.016
Disease duration[1.002 (0.979–1.025)]nsDisease duration[0.995 (0.97–1.022)]ns
DAS28 (high versus moderate versus low)[0.729 (0.624–0.853)]0.0001DAS28 (high versus moderate versus low)[0.79 (0.668–0.936)]0.0063
DMARDs (no versus yes)[0.702 (0.322–1.53)]nsDMARDs (no versus yes)[0.627 (0.255–1.54)]ns
Steroids (no versus yes)[1.851 (1.182–2.898)]0.0071Steroids (no versus yes)[1.832 (1.102–3.045)]0.0195
Adalimumab versus Infliximab[0.607 (0.383–0.962)]nsAdalimumab versus infliximab[0.554 (0.337–0.911)]0.0199
Etanercept versus infliximab[0.607 (0.364–1.011)]nsEtanercept versus infliximab[0.502 (0.284–0.888)]0.0179

OR: odds ratio; CI: confidence interval; F: female; M: male; DMARDs: disease modifying antirheumatic drugs; DAS28: 28-joint disease activity score; HAQ: Health Assessment Questionnaire.