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Review Article

The Role of Physical Exercise in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Table 1

Characteristics of studies assessing the impact of physical activity on onset of IBD included in review.

ReferenceNumber of subjectsStudy characteristicsStudy outcome

Sonnenberg, 1990 [28]12 014Retrospective study (Germany) Occupations characterized by outdoor physical work appeared to be protective compared with those occupations classified as sedentary against the onset of IBD

Persson et al., 1993 [29]152 CD
145 UC
305 controls
Postal questionnaire (Sweden, Stockholm County)CD onset (but not UC) inversely related to weekly and daily exercise five years before disease onset

Boggild et al., 1996 [30]2 273 872 A cohort, comprising male and female aged 20–59 (January 1986), was followed up for hospitalizations due to chronic IBD until December 31, 1990 (Denmark)Sedentary office work may contribute to IBD onset

Klein et al.,
1998 [31]
55 UC
33 with CD
76 population
and 68 clinic controls
Preillness lifestyle patterns compared among recently diagnosed IBD patients and matched population and clinic controls (Israel)IBD patients had lower levels of physical activity during their preillness period compared to clinic but not population controls

Cucino and Sonnenberg, 2001 [32] 2399 CD and
2419 UC
Examined the occupations of IBD mortalities 1991–1996 (USA) IBD mortality was low in occupations associated with manual work and relatively high in sedentary occupations in both CD and UC

Halfvarson et al., 2006 [33]Discordant twin pairs
102 CD
125 UC
Population-based twin cohort using the cotwin control method through a postal questionnaire (Sweden, Denmark)No significant difference found in physical activity between twins pairs

Chan et al., 2013 [34]300 724Anthropometric measurements of height and weight plus physical activity and total energy intake from validated questionnaires taken at recruitment. The cohort was monitored identifying participants who developed either CD or UC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study.).No association was found between physical activity and onset of IBD

Hlavaty et al., 2013 [35]190 CD
148 UC
355 controls
Case-control study through questionnaire (Slovakia)CD and UC associated with less than two sporting weekly activities

Khalili et al., 2013 [36]194 and 711 womenWomen enrolled in this prospective cohort study provided data on physical activity since 1984 in the Nurses’ Health Study and 1989 in the Nurses’ Health Study II and followed up through 2010 (USA).Physical activity was inversely associated with risk of Crohn’s disease but not of ulcerative colitis