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Hypoxia-Pretreated Human MSCs Attenuate Acute Kidney Injury through Enhanced Angiogenic and Antioxidative Capacities

Figure 1

Isolation, cultivation, and characterization of human adipose-derived MSCs. (a) Flow cytometry analysis of immunophenotypes of human adipose-derived MSCs. Most MSCs expressed CD29 and CD90 and do not express CD45, CD31, and CD34; (b) morphology and multidifferentiation of MSCs. Human adipose-derived MSCs demonstrated fibroblast-like morphology in culture, and they could differentiate into adipogenic and osteogenic lineages when cultured in differentiation medium. Adipogenic differentiation was confirmed by oil red O staining and osteogenic differentiation was confirmed by von Kossa staining (Bar = 100 μm). (c) Flow cytometry analysis of cell viability after PI staining.