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Dyeing Industry Effluent System as Lipid Production Medium of Neochloris sp. for Biodiesel Feedstock Preparation

Table 1

Physicochemical parameters of the textile dyeing industry effluent before and after treatmentwith Neochloris sp.

S. numberParameter and heavy metalsExperimental value textile dyeing industry effluent
Untreated with Neochloris sp.Treated with Neochloris sp.

2.Total dissolved solids3240 (ppm)990 (ppm)
3. Total suspended solids804 (ppm)236 (ppm)
5.Total hardness1992 (ppm)581 (ppm)
6.Total alkalinity1025 (ppm)193 (ppm)
8.Dissolved oxygen13.2 (ppm)19.7 (ppm)
9.BOD923 (ppm)225 (ppm)
10.COD5680 (ppm)1962 (ppm)
11.Pb0.002 (ppm)0.001 (ppm)
12.Cr0.005 (ppm)0.005 (ppm)
13.Ni0.001 (ppm)0.001 (ppm)
14.Zn0.006 (ppm)0.006 (ppm)
15.Cd 0.000 (ppm)0.000 (ppm)
16.Cu0.000 (ppm)0.000 (ppm)
17.Al0.000 (ppm)0.000 (ppm)
18.Hg0.000 (ppm)0.000 (ppm)