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Anticancer and Antioxidant Activity of Bread Enriched with Broccoli Sprouts

Figure 9

The long-term effect of raw (BE), gastrointestinally digested (GD), and gastrointestinally absorbed (GDA) extracts from breads supplemented with broccoli sprouts on the morphology (a), cytoskeleton architecture (b), and motility ((c), (d)) of AGS cells. The cells cultured in the presence of SB supplemented extract administered at the concentration of 1 μg/mL displayed considerable attenuation of motile activity in comparison to their bread control as demonstrated by circular diagrams (axis scale in μm) drawn with the initial point of each trajectory placed at the origin of the plot (summarised in (d)). Bars represent means ± SEM. determined with the Mann-Whitney test on the data obtained from three independent experiments ( ).