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Clinical Study

A Modified Single Mini-Incision Complete Urinary Tract Exenteration for Urothelial Carcinoma in Dialysis Patients

Table 2

Comparison of outcomes from concurrent upper and lower urinary tract surgery.

AuthorNumberExtent of surgeryAge (y)Operative time (min)aBlood loss (mL)aHospital stay (d)aTime to intake (hr)aComplication (%)b

El-Galley et al., 2011 [3]36BNN/A222175***3.0***N/A22.2
Chueh et al., 2002 [4]7BNU51.6294**218**8.8*39.014.3
Tai et al., 2009 [5]33BNU52.4309**226**
Ou and Yang, 2011 [6]13BNU60.0215216**13.860.07.7
Ou and Yang, 2011 [7]10CUTE 57.6328***62814.7*62.4*10.0
Li et al., 2009 [8]5CUTE58.0492***37812.272.0**80.0
Lin et al., 2011 [9]5CUTE66.6397***53210.891.2***20.0
Present study14CUTE61.0237.5560.712.148.021.4

BN, bilateral nephrectomy; BNU, bilateral nephroureterectomy; CUTE, complete urinary tract exenteration.
aOne sample -test.
bChi-square test.
, **, *** for compared to present study.
N/A, not available.