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Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomic Analysis of Salivary Glands of Urban Malaria Vector Anopheles stephensi

Table 3

A catalogue of novel proteins identified by using in-gel digestion strategy and LC/MS/MS using OMSSA algorithm.

S. numberAccessionFeaturesMW% Seq coverage valueDomain

1gi: 224037899Gambicin (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3373.6238%0.02No conserved domain
2gi: 126680249Unknown (similar to Anopheles gambiae)5546.7834%0.02No conserved domain
3gi: 53771806Glutaredoxin (similar to Anopheles gambiae)1932.8934%0.005GRX domain
4gi: 126680357Unknown (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3266.6633%0.045No conserved domain
5gi: 187440102CLIPB7 protein (similar to Anopheles gambiae)4640.2831%0.01Clip domain
6gi: 31281916Xanthine dehydrogenase (similar to Anopheles gambiae)1641.829%0.05Fe-S cluster binding domain
7gi: 37576232Defender against programmed cell death (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3491.7328%0.05Integral membrane protein
8gi: 5834921ND4L gene product (mitochondrion) (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3456.6928%0.01Oxidoreductases
9gi: 54124659Peroxidase 12 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3793.8827%0.009Peroxidase domain
10gi: 187440702GNBPB1 protein (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3776.0626%0.02No conserved domain
11gi: 87080401Putative TIL domain polypeptide (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3276.3125%0.03Trypsin inhibitor-like cysteine rich domain
12gi: 3139135Defensin (similar to Anopheles gambiae)226323%0.004Defensin superfamily
13gi: 54124633Peroxidase 1 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)1978.9523%0.02Animal heme peroxidases
14gi: 281186343Peptidoglycan recognition protein 3 short class (similar to Anopheles gambiae)4460.2922%0.002Pattern recognition receptor
15gi: 18139597Cytochrome P450 CYP4C28 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3816.6222%0.01cypX domain
16gi: 187340440PGRPS1 protein (similar to Anopheles gambiae)1596.7621%0.001Peptidoglycan recognition proteins (PGRPs)
17gi: 7716428Thioredoxin 1 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2425.0121%0.02TRX domain
18gi: 37677930agCP14332 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2083.0421%0.001No conserved domain
19gi: 158452713Caspase short class, partial (similar to Anopheles gambiae)1869.7421%0.038No conserved domain
20gi: 48994192Putative odorant-binding protein OBPjj9 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3964.7120%0.02Olfactory receptor, OBP
21gi: 6635469Immune-responsive trypsin-like serine protease-related protein ISPR10 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2705.2420%0.004No conserved domain
22gi: 187441150SCRB2 protein (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2410.219%0.05Scavenger receptor
23gi: 40019419Odorant-binding protein OBP5470 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3655.718%0.01No conserved domain
24gi: 28396160Putative antennal carrier protein AP-1 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2793.3718%0.03No conserved domain
25gi: 310756184AGAP005196 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2911.4318%0.02Tryp_SPc domain
26gi: 13509402Hypothetical protein (similar to Anopheles gambiae)211718%0.02No conserved domain
27gi: 37703114Odorant receptor 1 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)4085.117%0.002Transmembrane receptor
28gi: 187441612TEP2 protein (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3276.3116%0.03Terpene cyclases domain
29gi: 2564570NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)4157.1216%0.003Ubiquitin/PQ complex
30gi: 187440738CLIPB13 protein (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2515.4114%0.05Trypsin like serine protease
31gi: 311985ANG12 precursor (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3171.5214% 0.06Insect allergen related repeat
32gi: 187441890SCRBQ2 protein (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2356.3214%0.001CD36 family
33gi: 187444412FBN9 protein (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2425.314%0.01No conserved domain
34gi: 1495237GSTD2 protein (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3391.7714%0.005 helical domain GS transferases
35gi: 1369924Immune factor (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2675.313%0.07Rel homology domain
36gi: 19071278Odorant-binding protein (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2129.0313%0.06Olfactory receptor
37gi: 117957967Beta carbonic anhydrase (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3784.9813%0.008Carbonic anhydrase domain
38gi: 33355867Odorant-binding protein AgamOBP52 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2645.3113%0.002No conserved domain
39gi: 12007372Glutathione S-transferase E1 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2884.4312%0.001GSTC Delta epsilon
40gi: 1245442Putative arylphorin precursor, partial (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2681.3611%0.02Copper containing protein
41gi: 240270034Serpin 7 inhibitory serine protease inhibitor (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3358.4711%0.002Proteinase inhibitors
42gi: 157042594suppressor of cytokine signaling 5 (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2507.211%0.03SH2 domains
43gi: 169260669Vasa (similar to Anopheles gambiae)1458.7811%0.03Helicase C terminal domain
44gi: 71841593pk-1 receptor (similar to Anopheles gambiae)4041.9311%0.001G protein coupled receptor
45gi: 853701Serine proteinase (similar to Anopheles gambiae)2735.3411%0.02Trypsin-like serine protease
46gi: 1256440Hexamerin (similar to Anopheles gambiae)3847.485%0.03Hemocyanin Ig-like domain

OMSSA: open mass spectrometry search algorithm.