Table 2: Behavioral and neurochemical effects of persistent NRG1 and EGF overexpression from their transgenes.


BehaviorsSound startle No change No change
Fear-learning INCREASE Modest decrease
Locomotor INCREASENo change
PPIModest decrease DECREASE

GABAGAD 65/67 No change No change
PVINCREASE (cortex)No change

GlutamateNR1 (GluN1) No change No change*
NR2 (GluN2)No change No change*
GluR1 (GluA1)No changeNo change*

DopamineTH DECREASE (cortex) DECREASE (striatum)
DAT No changeNo change
DA DECREASE (hippocampus)INCREASE (accumbens)
DOPACDECREASE (hippocampus)INCREASE (accumbens)

represent effects on basal ganglia regions GAD: glutamate decarboxylase; PV: parvalbumin; TH: tyrosine hydroxylase; DA: dopamine; DAT: dopamine transporter; DOPAC: 3,4-dihydroxy-phenylacetic acid. Statistical significance represents and “modest” indicates marginal changes with .