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Chemical Composition, Leishmanicidal and Cytotoxic Activities of the Essential Oils from Mangifera indica L. var. Rosa and Espada

Table 1

Chemical composition of the essential oils from the latex of two varieties of M. indica var. Rosa and Espada.

CompoundsRIaRIbM. indica var. Espada (%MS)M. indica var. Rosa (%MS)Method of identification
Yield (%) ± SD

-Pinene930932 RI, MS, CI
Camphene941946 RI, MS, CI
Sabinene966969 RI, MS
-Pinene979974 RI, MS, CI
-2-Carene9971001 RI, MS
-3-Carene10051008 RI, MS
-Terpinene10121014 RI, MS, CI
-Cymene10181020 RI, MS, CI
Limonene10231024 RI, MS, CI
Sylvestrene10251025 RI, MS
( )- -Ocimene10391044 RI, MS
-Terpinene10501054 RI, MS
Terpinolene10821086 RI, MS, CI
-Cymen-8-ol11801179 RI, MS
trans-Chrysanthenyl acetate12311235 RI, MS
cis-Chrysanthenyl acetate12581261 RI, MS
Isopulegyl acetate12711274 RI, MS
-Patchenol13251328 RI, MS
-Patchoulene13801379 RI, MS
-Longipinene14001400 RI, MS
Cycloseychellene14071406 RI, MS
-Elemene14351434 RI, MS, CI
Citronellyl propanoate14421444 RI, MS
-Clovene14491452 RI, MS
-Gurjunene14721475 RI, MS, CI
-Muurolene14771478 RI, MS
-Himachalene14771481 RI, MS
Monoterpene hydrocarbons
Oxygenated monoterpenes
Sesquiterpene hydrocarbons
Oxygenated sesquiterpenes


The retention indices were calculated from the retention times in relation to those of a series of n-alkanes on a 30 m DB-5 capillary column. bLinear retention indices from the literature. RI: retention index; MS: mass spectrum; CI: coinjection with authentic standards.