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Chemical Composition, Leishmanicidal and Cytotoxic Activities of the Essential Oils from Mangifera indica L. var. Rosa and Espada

Table 2

Leishmanicidal and cytotoxic effects of essentials oils of M. indica L.

TreatmentPromastigote IC50 ( g/mL)Macrophage CC50 ( g/mL)Selectivity index

EOMiR 3.7
EOMiE 6.9

The leishmanicidal activity was expressed as the IC50 and CC50 by the linear regression analysis, respectively. Values are mean ± standard deviation from at least three independent experiments in duplicate. Differences were considered significant at a 0.05 level of confidence. SI: CC50 macrophages/IC50 promastigote forms. IC50: concentration inhibiting 50% of the growth of promastigotes; CC50: concentration capable of causing cytotoxic effects of macrophages by 50%.