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Differential Expression of Immunogenic Proteins on Virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis Clinical Isolates

Figure 4

Cross-reactivity analysis of humoral immune responses in drug-sensitive and MDR-TB patients’ sera. (a) 2D scatter plots of combinatorial correlations among results against protein-specific and complex Ags in TB patients’ serum samples ( ). Pearson correlation test was applied after verification of normal distribution of all data sets. “ns” indicates . Thresholds are delimited by dotted lines. (b) FACS analysis of cell surface binding-IgM and -IgG to LAM10406 in sera from TB patients ( ). Histogram plots of two TB and one No-TB patients are showed for comparison. Correlation between median fluoresce intensity (MFI) and protein-specific Abs (Pearson correlation test). “ns” indicates . Thresholds are delimited by dotted lines. (c) Antigens were classified as function of their pattern of seroreactivity in the 37 TB patients (hierarchical clustering based on the correlation). Matrix of 0 to 1 rescaled values is represented as heat-map.