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Alterations of the Myovesical Plexus of the Human Overactive Detrusor

Figure 2

Interstitial cells in the detrusor layer of control bladder. Cells coexpressing N-cadherin (green) and vimentin (red) as found in the detrusor layer. Nuclei stained with Dapi (blue). Note red background signal in smooth muscle cells that was upgraded to facilitate tissue orientation. Arrowheads show slender punctate N-cadherin expression embodying ICs located in the interfascicular clefts (indicated by dotted orange lines). Slender intrafascicular IC-structures (arrows) run in parallel with and between individual smooth muscle cells. Cells expressing vimentin but lacking expression of N-cadherin (asterisk) embody fibroblasts. Magnification X400. Binocular epifluorescent microscopy.