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Angiogenin Expression during Early Human Placental Development; Association with Blood Vessel Formation

Figure 9

Angiogenin immunoreactivity in nascent vessels. Frozen sections prepared at week 8 were reacted with either a polyclonal antibody specific for angiogenin (a, c, d, and pANG in red) or a monoclonal (b, mANG in green). The other antibody, directed against VE-cadherin (a, in green), Tie2 (b, in red), vWF (c, in green), and CD34 (d, in green) colabelled nascent vessels. Nuclei were counterstained with Dapi, in blue. Bar, 20 μm. IS: intervillous space; TB: trophoblast layer; VCA: vascular cell aggregate; and VM: villous mesenchyme.