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Preclinical and Clinical Effects of Mistletoe against Breast Cancer

Table 1

Summary of in vitro and in vivo studies of mistletoe extracts on breast cancer cells and animal models.

Mistletoe preparations testedCell line/animal model usedMain findingsReference

Triterpenoids and triterpenoids saponin from Viscum liquidambaricolum MCF-7Positive cytotoxic effect[50]
Pachypodol and ombuine from Viscum coloratumKom. nakaiMCF-7Positive cytotoxic effect[51]
Viscum album (unidentified host tree)MDA-MB 435Cell viability was reduced significantly. [52]
Hydroalcoholic extract of V.albumL.fromhornbeam tree (Carpinus betulus)MCF7Positive cytotoxic effect[53]
Ethanolic extract of Dendrophthoe falcate stem (unidentified host tree)MCF7Cytotoxic activity increased significantly[54]
Phoradendron serotinum MCF-7Positive cytotoxic effect [56]
Aqueous mistletoe extract with a defined content of bioactive mistletoe lectin MCF-7Positive cytotoxic activity, no stimulation of tumor cell proliferation was observed[63, 64]
Helixor A, Helixor P, and Helixor MMCF7, MACLMDA-MB231, MACL MDA-MB648Cytotoxic activity on tumor cells was found[57]
Iscador M spezial and Iscador QU spezial MAXF401 NLPositive anticancer activity[58]
Iscador M, Iscador Q, and Abnobaviscum Fraxini-2MFM-223, KPL-1Proliferation of cells was strongly inhibited[59]
VAP-QU, VAP-M, VAP-A, VAP-P, andpurified lectinMFM-223, MCF-7Cell growth was reduced[62]
Iscador M, Iscador Q, Iscador P MCF7Induction of apoptosis [65]
ME-M (Helixor M), and ME-A (Helixor A)BT474, BALB/c-mouseDose dependent cytotoxic effect along with decrease in tumor weight was observed[60]
Iscador M MDA-MB-468-HER2Inhibition of epidermal growth factor induced proliferation of cells[61]
Phoratoxin from Phoradendron tomentosum growing on Populus fremontii
S. Wats
primary culture of human tumor cell from patientsSignificant toxicity on tumor cell was witnessed[55]
Iscador M cum argento Chemosensitive transplantation tumors model/RatsNo significant antitumor and cytotoxic activities were found[66]
Abnoba-Viscum M MAXF 449, sc/Nude miceCell proliferation was reduced[67]