Table 1: Main characteristic of the medically relevant Cu radioisotopes.

Isotope Decay mode Energy (keV)Production
Incident beam energy (MeV)ReactionYield at recovery (MBq/ Ah or MBq/mg)

60Cu23.7 min (93%)2940Cyclotron  1160Ni(p,n)60Cu  370

61Cu3.32 h (60%)1159Cyclotron  1961Ni(p,n)61Cu  573**

62Cu9.7 min (98%)2925Cyclotron  5–1462Ni(p,n)62Cu   19800**

64Cu12.7 h (19%)657 Cyclotron12 64Ni(p,n)64Cu243***
(38%)141ND natZn(p,xn)64Cu67
Reactor1.8* 64Zn(n,p)64Cu14.5****
ND 63Cu(n, )64CuND

67Cu61.83 h (100%)390/482/575ND 68Zn(p,2p)67CuND
(52%)91/93/185 CyclotronND 70Zn(p,a)67CuND
ND 67Zn(n,p)67CuND
ND 68Zn(g,p)67CuND

ND: data not available.
*Approximate minimum neutron energy.
**Predicted yield.
***Maximum of results.
****Mean of results.