Table 4: Top 10 diseases overrepresented by the differentially expressed genes under the exposure of varying doses of  60Co exposure in human PBMC.

0.5 Gy1 Gy2.5 Gy5 Gy

Glioma HIV NecrosisNeuroblastoma
Carcinoma, small cellLeukemiaHerniaHernia
Neoplasms Viral diseasesViral diseasesHematologic
Cancer or viral infectionsCancer or viral infectionsHIVPeripheral
Carcinoma, hepatocellularShockImmunologic deficiency syndromesNecrosis
Liver neoplasmsImmunologic deficiency syndromesChorioamnionitisTherapy-related acute myeloid leukemia (t-ML)
CarcinomaDeathRetroviridae infectionsConnective tissue diseases
HypercortisolismSexually transmitted diseasesPreterm rupture of membranesAutoimmune diseases
GlioblastomaLentivirus infectionsLentivirus infectionsDisease susceptibility
Immune system diseasesRetroviridae infectionsPeriodontitisGenetic predisposition to disease

All disease associations were filtered by BH-adjusted value <0.05.