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Screening of Cognitive Function and Hearing Impairment in Older Adults: A Preliminary Study

Table 2

Mean sentence reception thresholds (SRTs) and the standard deviations (in brackets). Paired sample -tests were conducted to compare SRTs obtained in the aided and unaided conditions; statistically significant differences between aided and unaided SRTs were found in all test conditions ( , 2-tailed).

Test conditionsUnaidedAided -statisticsCohen’s

Quiet (dB A)68.9 (9.9)59.7 (10.3)6.0*1.05

Noise front (NF)
(dB )
8.9 (4.7)6.0 (4.7)5.6*.77

Noise on the hearing aid side (N-HA)
(dB )
8.3 (6.4)6.4 (5.2)2.9*.36

Noise on the non-hearing aid side (N-NA) (dB )8.2 (5.5)4.6 (5.7)4.0*.62