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Screening of Cognitive Function and Hearing Impairment in Older Adults: A Preliminary Study

Table 4

Results from stepwise linear regression analysis. The dependent variables (DV) included age, gender, aided soundfield average hearing thresholds, duration of hearing loss, duration of hearing aid use, and aided speech reception thresholds (SRTs) obtained in quiet and in noise as a composite score. Only models with statistical significance are listed with their dependent variables and variables entered into the model (EV).

Models tested square -statisticsBeta -statisticsCohen’s

DV: Orientation to time.217.2*−.47−2.7*.27
EV: noise composite SRT

DV: Orientation to place.165.2*−.412.3*.19
EV: noise composite SRT

DV: Registration.279.9***.523.1***.37
EV: aided soundfield thresholds

DV: Complex Commands.248.1**−.48−2.8**.32
EV: aided soundfield thresholds

DV: Repetition.3312.8***−.58−3.6***.49
EV: duration of hearing aid use

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