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Research Article

Does Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure of the Uterine Cervix Affect Anti-Müllerian Hormone Levels?

Table 1

AMH descriptive statistics.

BaselineFollow-up % mean decrease
 (BL − FU)c
Mean (SD)Med.Min.Max. Mean (SD)Med.Min.Max.

AMH levels: all subjects
363.56 (2.0)3.190.737.73363.07 (1.9)2.660.668.820.00913.76
AMH levels by LEEP status
LEEP183.02 (1.6)2.811.056.55182.66 (1.6)2.190.825.760.0711.92
No LEEP184.09 (2.3)3.320.737.73183.48 (2.1)3.220.668.820.0614.91

Abbreviations: AMH: anti-Müllerian hormone; LEEP: loop electrosurgical procedure.
aPaired -test for baseline versus follow-up AMH levels (difference between the means).
bAnalysis of variance to test for difference between mean at baseline or at follow-up for LEEP versus No LEEP.
cBaseline mean AMH value minus follow-up mean AMH value.
Med.: median; Min.: minimum; Max.: maximum.