Figure 1: GHSR gene expression levels in the skeletal muscles of control and treatment groups. (a) Ethidium bromide stained agarose gel of RT-PCR products GHSR gene with size of 533 bp (lane 1: control group and lane 2–4 treatment groups: lane 2, AA group; lane 3, FOS group; lane 4, AA + FOS group) compared to (b) the house-keeping gene, GAPDH, with size of 170 bp. (c) Band intensity was quantified using Image J software and the ratio of GHSR to GAPDH was calculated. Mean ratios of six samples of three experiments performed on different samples and data are expressed as the mean ± SEM and are represented on this figure, relative to the mean ratio of the control group. GHSR gene expression levels were significantly higher in treatment groups (AA, FOS, and AA + FOS). ***Significant difference from control group ( ). = control group, AA = Aspergillus awamori group, FOS = fructooligosaccharide group, and AA + FOS = combined Aspergillus awamori and fructooligosaccharide group.