Figure 4: Gas chromatography of GA muscle samples from rats treated with n-3 PUFA or vehicle for 40 days and dexamethasone or vehicle (last 10 days). (a) Percentages of total fat and PUFAs per experimental group. Percentages above the bar indicate decrease or increase in PUFA and fat content compared to the same type of fatty acid in the CT group. ((b) and (c)) percentages of arachidonic and α-linolenic acids, respectively. CT = control group ( ), n-3 = n-3 PUFA group ( ), and DX + n-3 = dexamethasone + n-3 PUFA group ( ). Statistical analysis is in comparison with the CT group. Values represent means ± S.E.M., analyzed by one-way ANOVA () followed by Bonferroni post hoc test or Student’s t-test (#), or # ; and .