Figure 2: Validation by qRT-PCR of some gene members of key pathways that are differentially expressed in the three age categories. This figure shows the mRNA relative abundance of three genes implicated in inflammatory response (SERPINA1, B4GALT1, and C1S), three genes in insulin signaling (PIK3R, IGFBP3, and IGFBP5), and three genes in angiogenesis process (ANGPTL4, TGFBR3, and LEPR). The signal intensity for each gene is shown on the -axis in arbitrary units determined by RT-qPCR analysis. indicates a significant difference of gene expression between CCs categories (). Results were presented as the mean ± SEM. (white, age: <30 years), CCmedian (grey, age: 31–34 years), and CColder (Black, age >37 years).