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The Role of PinX1 in Growth Control of Breast Cancer Cells and Its Potential Molecular Mechanism by mRNA and lncRNA Expression Profiles Screening

Table 2

Cancer related pathways of the differentially expressed mRNAs by Kegg pathway analysis.

Pathway listUpregulated genesDownregulated genes

Pathways in cancer (14)BCL2; BRCA2; CUL2; FGFR1; FOS; STAT1; WNT2E2F2; FZD4; HIF1A; JAK1; LAMC1; MLH1; RET
MAPK signaling pathway (11)FGFR1; FOS; NF1; NTRK2; PAK2; RASGRP1; RASGRP4CACNG1; MAP2K6; MAP3K5; NTF4
Proteoglycans in cancer (11)CAV2; FGFR1; HPSE; PXN; WNT2CD44; DDX5; ERBB3; FZD4; HIF1A; TIAM1
Spliceosome (11)DDX42; SNRPB2CDC5L; DDX23; DDX5; HNRNPM; ISY1; SF3B1; SF3B2; SFRS3; SR140
Protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum (10)BAG2; BCL2; CALR; EIF2AK2EIF2AK1; MAP3K5; OS9; TXNDC5; UBE2G2; XBP1
Cell cycle (9)CDKN2D; PCNABUB1; BUB1B; CDC45; CDC6; E2F2; MCM3; SMC3
RNA transport (7)EIF2B4; RNPS1EIF2B1; EIF2B5; NMD3; NUP133; NUP85
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction (7)CCL5; CXCL16; IL1RAP BMP7; CXCL12; EDA; IL4R
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton (7)FGFR1; ITGAL; MYL9; PAK2; PXNCHRM1; TIAM1
Chemokine signaling pathway (7)CCL5; CXCL16; PXN; STAT1CXCL12; HCK; TIAM1
Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis (7)CUL2; NEDD4L; UBE2W; WWP2PIAS3; TRIP12; UBE2G2
PI3K-Akt signaling pathway (7)BCL2; FGFR1CHRM1; IL4R; JAK1; LAMC1; SGK3
Leukocyte transendothelial migration (6)ITGAL; MYL9; PXN; SIPA1CXCL12; F11R
Calcium signaling pathway (6)ORAI2CHRM1; ERBB3; GNA14; GNAS; PPIF
Endocytosis (6)CAV2; NEDD4LERBB3; RAB7A; RABEP1; RET
Focal adhesion (6)BCL2; CAV2; MYL9; PAK2; PXNLAMC1
Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) (6)CDH15; ITGALALCAM; CDH3; F11R; LRRC4B
Jak-STAT signaling pathway (5)IRF9; STAT1IL4R; JAK1; PIAS3
PPAR signaling pathway (5)CD36; DBI; SCD; SORBS1SLC27A2
RNA degradation (5)XRN1CNOT4; DCP1A; DCP1B; DHX36
Hippo signaling pathway (5)AREG; BMP5; WNT2BMP7; FZD4
ECM-receptor interaction (5)CD36; CD47CD44; HMMR; LAMC1
Purine metabolism (4) GARTPOLD3; RPA1; RRM1
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway (4)CCL5; FOS; STAT1MAP2K6
mRNA surveillance pathway (4)RNPS1; SMG7CSTF3; SMG5
DNA replication (4)PCNAMCM3; POLD3; RFC1
Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites (4)GART; SQLEALDH9A1; GOT2
Insulin secretion (4)PCLO; RIMS2GNAS; KCNMB4
Phagosome (4)CALR; CD36CLEC7A; RAB7A
Transcriptional misregulation in cancer (4)TMPRSS2DDX5; SIX1; WHSC1
ErbB signaling pathway (4)AREG; PAK2ERBB3; NRG1
Lysosome (4)GAAAP4S1; CTSL2; GLA
Mismatch repair (4)PCNAMLH1; POLD3; RFC1
Nucleotide excision repair (4)PCNAERCC5; POLD3; RFC1
Pyrimidine metabolism (4)POLD3; RPA1; RRM1; UMPS
Tight junction (3)CASK; MYL9F11R
p53 signaling pathway (3)RPRMMDM4; PMAIP1
HIF-1 signaling pathway (3)BCL2; CUL2HIF1A
NF-kappa B signaling pathway (3)BCL2; BLNKCXCL12
Cytosolic DNA-sensing pathway (3)ADAR; CASP1; CCL5
T-cell receptor signaling pathway (3)FOS; PAK2; RASGRP1
Arginine and proline metabolism (3)ALDH9A1; GAMT; GOT2
ABC transporters (3)ABCG2ABCA10; ABCC4
GnRH signaling pathway (3)CGAGNAS; MAP2K6
NOD-like receptor signaling pathway (3)CASP1; CCL5; SUGT1
Homologous recombination (2)BRCA2POLD3
TGF-beta signaling pathway (2)BMP5BMP7
Adherens junction (2)FGFR1; SORBS1
Apoptosis (2)BCL2; IL1RAP
Wnt signaling pathway (2)WNT2FZD4

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