Research Article

In Sync: The Effect of Physiology Feedback on the Match between Heart Rate and Self-Reported Stress

Table 4

Parameter estimates, 95% confidence intervals and significance levels for the different levels of the interactions of feedback type and personality factors on retrospective self-reported stress.

Parameter Estimate95% CISig.

Measurement-only * ASI −1.57−4.99–1.850.368
HR-feedback * ASI 2.79−1.35–6.920.186
Stress-feedback * ASI 3.580.15–7.010.041*
Measurement-only * neuroticism 3.070.36–5.790.027*
HR-feedback * neuroticism 2.11−0.78–5.000.151
Stress-feedback * neuroticism −1.70−5.84–2.450.422

Dependent variable: retrospective stress.
*Significant at .