Table 1: Comparisons of demographic characteristics between drop-out and completed participants.

Drop-out participants Completed participants
%M ± SD%M ± SD

Age53.4 ± 9.952.7 ± 10.90.31b 0.76
Marital status0.95a0.69
 Others 1025.61522.4
Educational level5.15a0.08
 Elementary 820.52131.8
 High school2666.72943.9
 College, above512.81624.2
Diagnosed depression0.02a1.00
Alcohol use1.41a0.27
Chronic illness0.99a0.42
Employed status0.05a0.84
Menopause 0.03a1.00
Hormone therapy1.34a0.32
Exercise per week (mins)74.6 ± 138.158.4 ± 105.50.67b0.51
Perceived health69.6 ± 14.462.8 ± 18.81.94b0.06
Height (cm)156.4 ± 5.9156.8 ± 6.3−0.30b0.76
Weight (Kg)61.1 ± 7.561.4 ± 11.9−0.13b0.90

: chi-square values analyzed by using chi-square test. Fisher’s exact test was used when the expected value was less than 5. : values analyzed by using -test.