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Sampling and Homogenization Strategies Significantly Influence the Detection of Foodborne Pathogens in Meat

Table 1

Properties of the chosen homogenization devices.

MethodStomaching (Bagmixer 400)FastPrep-24SpeedMillBranson Sonifier 450

Principle Blending by movable paddlesBead-mediated millingBead-mediated millingSonication


Portability and on-site usage+

Adaptability to different matrices+/−+/−

Current usage for detection by cultivation++

Parallel sample preparation+

Suitability for high volumes++
(<400 mL)
(<50 mL)

(<2 mL)
(<50 mL)

Available volume range+/−++/−+

Avoidance of heat generation++/−+/−+/−

Performance in this study
 Surface contamination++++
 Inner-matrix contaminationVariable++/−

++: excellent, +: good, +/−: ambiguous, and −: poor.
Various matrix-specific kits and beads for sample preparation are commercially available.
The parallel preparation of 48 samples is only possible for volumes smaller than 2 mL. Two samples can be homogenized simultaneously for the highest volume input.
Exact volumes depend on the sizes of the used bags, BD Falcon tubes, and lysis tubes.