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Molecular Characterization of a New Alkaline-Tolerant Xylanase from Humicola insolens Y1

Figure 1

Multiple sequence alignment of Xyn11B with other GH 11 endo--14-xylanases. PaXylanase from Podospora anserina S mat+ (XP_001903201.1), XynC81 from Achaetomium sp. Xz-8 (AHE13929.1), PaXyn11A from P. anserina (ADO14136.2), NcXylanase from Neurospora crassa (CAD71059.1), and Xyn11A from Humicola insolens Y1 (KC962401). Identical and similar amino acids are indicated by solid black and gray shades, respectively. The two catalytic glutamate residues are indicated by asterisks.