Table 3: Comparison of antioxidant activity (ORAC) for a portion of 100 g of different food types.

Food descriptionORAC value
(µmol TE1/100 g)

Blueberries, wild, raw29621
Wine, table, red, Cabernet Sauvignon24523
Cranberry juice, unsweetened21452
Fermented milk (CUETM 245)1318
Fermented milk (PRO 16-10)1312
Fermented milk (CUETM 247)1255
Fermented milk (CUETM 268)1175
Fermented milk (CUETM 172) 1076
Nonfermented milk1174
Commercial UHT skimmed cow milk31270
Apple juice, canned or bottled, unsweetened, without added ascorbic acid3414

Trolox equivalent.
2Haytowitz and Bhagwat [66].
3Zulueta et al. [43].