Research Article

Identification, Characterization, and Developmental Expression Pattern of Type III Interferon Receptor Gene in the Chinese Goose

Figure 6

Expression of IFNLR1 in various goose tissues. (a) Expression of goIFNLR1 in the epithelial related tissues, including small intestine (SI), cecum (Ce), liver (Li), lung (Lu), proventriculus (Pr), and kidney (K) collected at the indicated time points, such as one-day-old gosling, one-week-old gosling, two-week-old gosling, four-week-old gooses, and adult gooses (beyond one year). (b) Expression of goIFNLR1 in the immune tissues, including spleen (SP), thymus (T), harderian gland (HG), bursa of fabricius (BF), and cecal tonsil (CT); goIFNLR1 mRNA was measured in qRT-PCR and normalized against the housekeeping gene (goose β-actin). Data were represented as the mean ± SEM (); the error bars indicate standard deviation.