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A Therapeutic Strategy for Spinal Cord Defect: Human Dental Follicle Cells Combined with Aligned PCL/PLGA Electrospun Material

Figure 1

hDFCs culture, identification, and neurogenic induction. (a) hDFCs isolated and cultured for 7 days. (b–f) Immunofluorescent staining for hDFCs: (b) positive for vimentin, (c) negative for CK14, (d) positive for nestin, (e) positive for tubulin β III, and (f) negative for NF200; (g) hDFCs stained for tubulin β III; (h) hDFCs underwent neurogenic induction for 8 h, presented morphologic change, and were stained for tubulin β III; (g) and (h) were observed under the same photographing condition; (i) comparison of the fluorescence of tubulin β III for hDFCs between normal condition and 8 h induced condition. IOD/nuclear number was used for measurement. . Scale bar = 100 μm.